April 27, 2011

Yes, my friends, I know I am getting chubby! I am doing my best to loose weight. I am still working out like a madman, so that is not the problem. There is just too much sitting and eating! I was doing really well and lost 7 pounds and then there was EASTER! Food, food and more food...I think people think we are going hungry even though people tell me I look like I have gained weight, hmmmmm stop giving me dessert every dang meal! Ha ha! We are very blessed, but maybe a little to blessed.

How is everything going? I miss you all and you are all in my prayers. Easter was a great day. I always like pondering the resurrection on a sugar high from all the candy that we got! It was great!

I am thoroughly enjoying my mission. It has been great with ups and downs. I am half way finished with this transfer with the same companion that bothers me, but that is OK. Hopefully, I will get a change soon. We spend most of our days in silence and I spend a lot of time trying to stay un-frustrated and un-bothered. It is good for me and it is my building character.

I had a cool experience with my dad and an investigator that is about to get baptized. I gave her my dad's phone number and told her to call because she was going through similar issues that my dad had before he got baptized. It was so good. She said that he answered a lot of her questions and said that it was so special she ended up crying.

The next day we got to hear a General Authority speak, Elder Zwick. He said that he knows Elder Ringwood (from my home ward) and we talked about him in Spanish. He brought a really good spirit and answered some of the questions that I have had in my prayers It was like a mini-General Conference. The only downside was that we got trapped all day inside. I sat for something like 13 hours and had two sets of meetings. It was rough...my back was killing me!

I love you all! Peace and Blessings!

Elder Phillips

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