May 10. 2011

It was really, really nice to talk to my family on Mother's Day. I got to skype them and surprisingly it was a lot better for me to see them because I could see them and see how everything is going. Phone calls are different because there is still the question on how everyone is and how they look etc. I didn't get homesick one bit which was nice. It was just fantastic to see how good everyone looks and really really nice!

Yesterday, for p-day, we got to play soccer again! Finally something I like to do. It has been a long time and it felt so good to get beat up again and do the things I used to do! I miss it. Transfers are next week. I would really like a change but whatever the Lords wants that will be good. I will probably stay here but my companion has been here for 9 months. We will see next Tuesday. No matter what happens, I will keep working hard and that is for certain. I love it here in Worcester and lets see if I can loose some weight. You know Elder Dawe, my best buddy has lost 70 pounds. It is nuts and he looks really good.

I got a call from a friend and I was informed of a couple of things. First of all, that one guy that I reactivated went through the temple last week and he is getting married to one of my best friends on the mission. The world is even smaller...it is the same person that was baptized by Elder Ririe! Can you believe it? It is really cool! Saturday, I found out that I needed to translate at this woman's conference. It was really great, but hard to do it. This lady that was speaking was using huge words that I don't know in English let alone in Spanish and spoke so fast that it was really hard to translate. But I learned at the conference that something happened that is very great! I worked so hard in my other area in Boston to get the Spanish ward going again, which is happening. They are going to a shared meeting system which means the same ward and everything but they will have the meetings in Spanish and English. It is just fantastic! The adults will have separate meetings in Spanish and English and the kids will still get to go with their friends to the English speaking meetings! I am really happy! I feel so spoiled to have one of the best weeks of my life!

Peace and Blessings!
Elder Phillips

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