May 4, 2011

The Color Festival

Hello my friends and family,

It has been a good week but very upsetting. We have two baptisms scheduled, but they might get postponed and might not even happen at all. This family that we both feel I was sent to Worcester to meet and teach are having some weird issues. It is really sad and it is breaking my heart. I feel like I have real charity and desire their salvation more than my own and as much as my family. It is crazy how much I love them and want to be with them in the eternities. The Mission President approved all issues but their bishop is not comfortable with it. I have never fasted and prayed for anything more in my life that everything will work out. I feel better that it will be all right.

Everything else is going really good. I am super tired from working so hard doing service. I am so tired, I go to bed early every night. I love being busy like this. It is the only way to serve the Lord; tons of teaching and helping others come unto Christ. It is a gift of God and we have been blessed.

I had my interview with the Mission President and we talked about the issues that I have with my companion. All is well and I am happy. The President says that we are so successful because we are so different and fill in the gaps of each other. We are the best that we have ever been. We will see if one of us will get transfered. Elder Horton has been in this area for 9 months, which is a long time.

We have done some fun things recently. We went to the Color Festival, which was really fun. We are finally going to play sports this preparation day in Boston. We have been doing service and had a member referral. We moved her and she asked us if she could be baptized! It was super awesome. Gosh, working through the members is the way to go! We are pushing the mission plan and the work is going forth because our bishops loves us and wants us to be successful. He is the KEY! It is super awesome.

Peace and Blessings.

Elder Phillips

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