May 24, 2011

Well the first week with Elder Carrillo was really, really fun! We have a good time together! I hope you are all having a great time while my parents are in China! It is pretty weird that they are there, but sounds really, really fun! I want to visit there some day.

Elder Carrillo and I have lots of fun cooking and doing other things together. We made these really good red beans that we learned how to make from a member. We really enjoyed it and they are really healthy! Elder Carrillo is going home soon so he is trying to get down on his weight too. We are working hard together. We have fun at night. We have soooooo much in common, so we talk lots. We enjoy studying and I really, really love being companions with him.

I have learned I am not good at driving here. I get destracted by all the crazy drivers. It's really weird, but I love it here still. Before Elder Carrillo and I were companions, he was serving really close to my area. In fact, he has been serving nearby my whole mission. Well, when we got put together, it was frustrating because even though he lived really close we still had to pack up his stuff and move it one hour away because he didn't know that we were going to be companions and live so close. The day after we got put together it was really refreshing because Elder Carrillo plans like I do. We have been able to work really hard and things are going really good. It feels great to plan and do things right.We are doing the things that we are supposed to, but we make it fun at the same time. I just really like it a lot.

Saturday was really, really rough. We did service all day for a member. We went and dug holes in the ground to plant trees. When we had all the trees in place, the member didn't like them so we had to take them out and take them back to the store. It felt like we wasted the whole day. We had even cancelled appointments so we could help her. It seemed like it was all for nothing. It was fun though because we were able to talk to some in-active members, so that was cool. That part made us feel like it wasn't all in vein.

Sunday I kinda got stressed out. There was someone taking a bath in the apartment above us and it was leaking into our bathroom. It felt like it was raining!!! Great. Then, one of the tires on our car popped. These things happen, and I am still happy.

It rained on p-day, AGAIN! We got the great opportunity of doing nothing...... yes. Playing board games is getting old every week, but I won't complain!

I love you all tons. Peace and Blessings.

Elder Phillips

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