July 12, 2011

Picking blueberries for Family Home Evening.
Giving a blessing to an elderly man.
The view from a members house!

I am doing sooooo great! I felt like this week went by really fast and the work is going well. We have found a few new people to teach so things are looking up! We still teach a fair amount of people so that is really great! My companion has a talent for contacting people, so I am trying to learn from him and apply it to how I contact people. He is a good guy, but he does have a strange side... For example, a group of us were out playing ball. He says that he loves basketball, but I found him inside playing monopoly! He said he didn't want to get all sweaty! Weird...any way, I had a lot of fun! After basketball, we had dinner with a family that is new to our ward. Then we went and picked fresh blueberries. It was a fun Family Home Evening activity! They are a part member family. I hope that the non-member had his heart softened a bit by seeing us have fun with his family. That is sometimes how missionary work works...

We have put a new focus on our recent converts. We are trying to look after them more. We are finding new people to teach. The Lord is blessing us and that is great. Hopefully, we will have a few baptisms by the time I leave here. I am feeling that it is coming and I will be transferred soon. I am ready for a change.

As my birthday gets closer, I thought I'd tell you what I like to do on my birthday. I work in the day and then spend dinner with the members that I love...for like 2 weeks! I don't want to celebrate for just one day...I am smarter than that....I drag on the celebrations as long as I can!

Last week, we gave an older man a blessing that is not a member and we taught him about blessings and how they could help him. He is a special man that is really sick. We helped him shovel his sidewalks during the winter.

Elder Pacheco and I teach a lot the same way. We use similar scriptures and stories in our teachings. It is really weird. It throws me of sometimes...it really does. But, he is great!

I hope everyone is loving their summer like me.

Peace and Blessings!
Elder Phillips

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