July 26, 2011

Another Birthday Party!
Wedding of my good friends!
Street contacting...

This was probably one of the best weeks on my mission! I was asked to participate in a wedding. It was the greatest experience and the spirt was so strong. I could just tell that there was so much love and there were so many miracles around the wedding. My friend was even able to adopt the young girl which was a huge miracle, too. Brady Ririe was the one that baptized the bride and then I introduced them to each other. I believe that is the reason I went to Chelsea...to be a part of something that will be together forever... it is very rewarding! I love them a ton!

Another thing that happened was really sad. I went to visit the man that I gave a blessing to a while back. I knew that he was not going to make it, like I felt it in my heart and he died today. It was really sad. We sat with him for 30 minutes and talked to him. He brightened right up when he saw us. Then he died. It was just so sad.

Oh man, I am still having birthday parties! Yes this is true...presents and cakes are still going on! They make me feel so loved. A family gave me a surprise party last night. We have another party tonight and probably a couple more this week! I am so spoiled. It is wonderful!

We were given a referral by a member. She is amazing. She is a surgeon but lives super humble. She has read all of the Book of Mormon in just a few months. She didn't want to meet the little missionaries because we are just 19 years old, but she saw us teaching in Sunday School class and answering questions. She was so impressed that she can't wait to meet with us personally and get involved. She loves the doctrine and the questions that we answer with the Book of Mormon. Talk about great member missionary work. That is how it should be. She will be baptized soon. I love the family that has worked with her. She is so prepared.

I was listening to a talk this past week and the speaker compared the end of a triathlon to coming into heaven to live with Heavenly Father. He said that in a triathlon it looks like everyone won because they are so excited to finish. Who cares how you got there, you did it! I loved the talk!

Elder Phillips

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