July 19, 2011

I made cupcakes for the zone!
My new Red Sox jacket and other presents!
Lunch at the Deli with Rob and family.
Birthday dinner with one of my favorite families.

Well, I just had the most fantastic week ever. It was just great and I loved getting spoiled on my birthday. Everyone makes fun of me...they think it is ridiculous how many cards and presents I got from my family and friends. The ward here was even worse! I had lost 10-15 pounds and lets be honest we all new it was coming...I pretty much gained it all back. That is OK...I was preparing for the birthday and it was fun and worth it! Who really cares on your birthday?

Monday: We had a fun day with a family and went and picked blueberries.

Tuesday: We went to one of my favorite families from Thailand and had a birthday dinner and some truly celestial cookies. They gave me wasabi peas for my present.

Wednesday: We went to Rob's deli and my friends there bought me a cake. I love them soo much...they made me really happy. We went to another family for dinner and they didn't know it was my birthday. With short notice they found candles and gave me some new socks for a present.

Thursday: I was treated like a king all day. I spread out my presents and I opened half in the morning and half in the evening so I could enjoy my birthday all day long! You all know how I am, I love being spoiled! All day long, people gave me presents and cookies and people kept telling how much they cared about me.

Friday: I went to have dinner with Lori Hernandez and her family. I made some homemade peach salsa and we had chicken and had decorations They made me my very own ice cream cake. It was so good! Then I made cupcakes for the whole zone! Everyone was so surprised that I did that...but I just wanted everyone to enjoy it!

Saturday: We celebrated with the Bishop and his family. I am really close to them and we had fun together for a bit. I really did celebrate my birthday for a whole week...just like I said I would!

A cool thing that happend was the Legendary Entz returned from their mission in Germany. They pretty much baptized every member in the Worcester area. They are just great people and really happy! They will be working with us. We already had one activity with them last week. I am sad that a lot of my friends here are leaving to go back to college again. Some of them are leaving to go on missions. It is good for them, but hard to say goodbye to my new friends.

Let's just say, my new companion likes to talk about himself a lot! I mean a lot, a lot! But, he does have some skills that I can learn form so I am doing my best to be a happy companion.

That was my great birthday week!


Elder Phillips

P.S. I love you guys so much! Thanks for making my birthday something to remember. I love you more than anything! I got a cool Red Sox jacket and didn't want to take it off even though I was sweating away. I love the tie from Ashley, the treats from Katie and Annie and the candy and supplies from Scott and Anya. Gosh, I have the best family and friends ever!!

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