August 15, 2011

Service Project

Well, what a week I have had and with so many changes that are good, bad and exciting. I needed a change to help me get a jump start on working harder on my mission. I felt like it was my time to leave Worcester, but it was very difficult saying goodbye. There were lots of hugs and tears when I left. I am grateful that I was so loved and that everyone treated me so well in my last area.

So, lets just say that everything I was told about my new area, New London, was correct. It is gorgeous here but there have been some lazy missionaries. I am very excited to get involved and get the things done that the Lord wants me to do. The first few days here, I have spent cleaning our apartment because it was gross! I have cleaned for what seems like hours and we have talked a lot about what we want to accomplish in this area and what I can do to help out. I have met with the Branch President and he confirmed that the missionaries have had trouble in this area with obedience. He told me to make sure that I always follow the mission rules because there are a lot of temptations in this area. I felt a lot of love from the Branch President and assured him that I am a rule follower. He is from Peru and the branch is very diverse. There are people from all over South America and the islands, like the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. We have 4 prospective baptisms and it seems like we will have success here. The Spanish branch is small. We had about 40 people attend last Sunday. New London is on the coast but we live a couple miles from the beach. We share a car with the other Elders in our apartment so we walk quite a bit. We also have bikes, but we don't use them much because we make more contacts when we can walk and talk with people along the way. We need to work on getting more appointments.

My companion, Elder Barnhurst, has only 3 months left on his mission, his swam a little in High School and he is really chill and goes with the flow. He was really worried about having me for a companion because he heard a rumor that I am hard core and a very, very hard worker! Ha Ha! He got that right and I will stick with that. He was relieved that I wasn't too bad and I think we should have fun together. The other elders in the apartment are awkward and lazy but I am doing my best to gently prod them along. It is a good thing that I have changed a ton on my mission...or I would be up in there face! I am just doing my best to help them in the best way I can. My companion goes running with me, so that is good. Hopefully, I will loose some good pounds.

I love you all and as Lori Hernandez would say, "Have a magical day!"


Elder Phillips

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