August 10, 2011

One of favorite families!
My newest convert!
Lori Hernandez and her family.

Well, I am getting transferred! It has been a good long while and it is necessary. I was definitely getting complacent here where I fit in so well. It has been really hard saying goodbye, especially to the families that are closest to my heart. Lori Hernandez has not been baptized yet, but her and her family are probably the reason that I was sent to this area. I feel like I was one of the only missionaries that could have really helped them. I guess you never know, but I feel very close to them and wish that I could have seen them be baptized.

I have love Worcester, but I am leaving and going to New London, Connecticut. It should be really fun. I have not heard good things about this area. Apparently, this is where bad missionaries are sent. I know that I am not a bad missionary, but I think it will have some challenges. I think I am expected to turn the area around and get some good baptisms because they haven't had any success in a long time. I am excited for a new challenge. I will be living in an apartment with 4 elders. It is a little branch and it is all spanish. I am excited to get to know the people there and see how it is. It will be a new adventure.

A huge bummer, is that my new investigator that has been so hungry for the gospel is getting baptized tomorrow and I am leaving tomorrow so I won't be there. She was amazing and I got to teach her all the lessons and prepare her. She continues to astound me and all the members are loving her. She will have such a great life and is so happy. She is trying to get her husband involved. Gosh! She is already a missionary! She is just on fire and wants more and more. She is fantastic and she will always be a good memory.

I bore my testimony in church on Sunday and had a great experience. I even teared up. I then spent my time saying goodbye and writing addresses down. I seem to have been saying goodbye ever since. It has been difficult saying goodbye to my favorite families.

I love you all. Peace and Blessings.

Love, Elder Phillips

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