August 31, 2011

Fallen trees after the hurricane!
6 Quarantined Missionaries
My bed...super comfy!

Hello, my name is Elder Phillips and I am a hurricane and earthquake survivor!

So we had a little bit of an adventure last weekend. It is really strange to prepare for something when we don't receive the news, except from the members and a Senior Missionary Couple. In reality, everything was fine. It turned out to be fun and games for 6 quarantined missionaries in a church all alone. We had fun playing games, talking and eating junk food. We could only bring food that didn't need to be refrigerated or cooked...so that pretty much left junk food! All week we had heard different things about the bad storm that would be hitting on Sunday. Some people were really scared and some not at all. Friday night, we got word from the mission office that we were to go to a church 20 miles inland to be sure we were safe. We prepared by getting lots of water and lots of junk food. We watched church movies and played games. Then on Sunday an alarm goes off and wakes us all up. By this time the power is gone at the church, which was no big deal because we were prepared. We had our own Sacrament meeting, complete with 2 elders giving talks they had already prepared. It was very spiritual to see the severe wind outside and to feel the calming peace of the spirit inside. Then we played games and studied the scriptures. We were locked up for 24 hours and then got approval to leave. It was more like a good missionary party than anything. The damage was a lot less that I imagined. A few big trees and branches were blown down in New London. Lots of people still don't have power. We didn't loose power in our apartment and no damage was done.

I am well and happy. The area is doing fantastic and we are finally finding some good investigators to teach, so that is good and exciting. We are doing really well and have already taught more than Elder Barnhurst did in his whole last transfer, which is great! We had dinner at Outback Steakhouse Wednesday to say goodbye to a senior couple that loves Elder Barnhurst. That was delicious. I am coming to realize that a lot of things have changed since I have been gone. Thursday was ridiculous! I had been doing good with loosing weight then Thursday we had 3 dinner appointments! First we had a deep fried fish pancake dinner...it was really good. It is Puerto Rican. Next, we had fried chicken with a ton of rice. Lastly, we went to this family's home and they gave us this huge dinner and told us that it was made just for us. Two huge steaks each, a salad and fried sweet plantains, beans and a huge mound of rice. It was good, but not very enjoyable. Sometimes I don't enjoy food very much.... oh, well....you got to love it!

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  1. aaron's "bed" is hilarious. seriously hilarious.