February 13, 2012

P-day Project!                                                    
Look how warm it is this winter!
Coast Guard Academy                                              

My week was good and busy with my District Leader responsibilities.  I have been doing exchanges since transfer week.  I have not been able to do exchanges for a while because I was training a new missionary.  Elder Morris' training is officially over and so I am back attending to my responsibilities as the District Leader.  I should have them finished up this week.  I am doing my best to push the missionaries and help them to get better.  Most of us have been together for so long that we are in our comfort zone.  A coach once told me that if you are not getting better then you are getting worse, so we are focusing on improving as missionaries.  I am focusing on improving all aspects of my life...as a companion, leader and friend.

We also had a Zone Conference last week and continue to work with our investigators.  Everything is kinda the same with the investigators.  I am trying to get them out of their comfort zone and move towards baptism.  There are no sure baptisms scheduled right now, but we have some on track.  I got some fantastic news that someone that I had been working with in Worcester, that had a baptism date schedule and it didn't work out, is getting baptized this week.  That was a little treat that I was so happy to hear about.

The highlight of my week was going to dinner at the Coast Guard Academy with one of our investigators.  He is awesome.  He and his friends that are members invited us to go eat with them on campus and to show us around the campus a little bit.  It was really pretty.  We had burgers and stuff.  It was pretty cool, I am not going to lie!  Even though he is Hispanic and speaks Spanish...he goes to the English ward with his friends.  I am fine with it and happy that I get a small part of helping him.  He seems like a good friend.

I am trying to stay focused which is hard because everyone, and I mean everyone from home, friends on the mission and friends in the branch keep asking me how much time I have left on my mission.  I think it is the Lord's way of preparing me to return home, otherwise it would be really hard to leave here.

Peace and Blessings.

Elder Phillips

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