February 22, 2012

Hello! We couldn't email on Monday because of President's Day and because we were so busy it was nuts! We had the opportunity to go to the temple, but we were too busy. We are working to get things done here. We are very lucky. We have 2 baptisms that are serious and that should happen before I go home...so we will see. We had so much success last week. We taught over the amount that the President expects from us. Again, I will say that I will not be coasting to the end of my mission, there is just no way this is going to happen. Elder Morris and I just love the mission more than anything.

We also had a good week at church because we had investigators come to church. It was very fulfilling. Then one of my good buddies that goes out with us almost every day got the priesthood this week! We are so excited for him. He has overcome so much and gives us full credit for helping him. I love him so much. He is changing his life. He is the first in his family to be a priesthood holder. It is so awesome! Everyone is so happy for him. We have a goal that before I leave that the missionaries won't have to help bless the sacrament anymore. We are hoping for enough priesthood holders that they will not need us. We are getting more and more priesthood holders and the branch continues to grow! I just never really imagined how well my mission would end. God really is blessing me with the gift of results and of the spirit. I just feel spoiled for all the things that he has blessed me with.

This week, I also finished the exchanges with all the missionaries in my district. It is good to have finished that early in the transfer. Because we finished early, we will have more time to work and get down to business. I am also giving my farewell talk here this week which is strange that everything is winding down. There is a scripture in D & C 123:12-14 that describes me. It talks about wasting in the service of the Lord. I love it! It is so cool to thing about all the people that we are teaching and to see the great things that are happening. It is hard to see people go through so many trials in life. I know that I have had such a fantastic life. It has been so nice, and I am not going to lie, mostly just easy and beautiful. I look back on the trials that I have had and they are nothing in compared to what I see daily here. I will give more details another day.

I love my mission and I love you all. Peace and Blessings. Have a Magical Day!

Elder Phillips

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