February 27, 2012

Wow! I am just loving life and doing what we need to do. I am loving my life here but ready to start a new chapter. I am trying to prepare spiritually so that I will be able to take care of everything that I can before I leave.

We have had many miracles to finish my mission. We had another fantastic week with mission highs and records in the area for teaching. We have great investigators that are progressing quickly. We have a baptism date set for them on Sunday. It is going to be a really great week!

I gave my farewell talk and I bawled! I am not excited to leave this great place because of the tears that will be spilt by all the people, including me. I talked about the changes that I have seen on my mission. I told the miracle stories that make the whole mission worth it. I have to write a final letter to the mission president that includes a summary of my mission, my favorite things, my best day, the people that I taught and my testimony. It has been awesome to reflect on what I have done. I have been thinking about my successes and the heart breaks. I am still thinking of ways that I can get better. During my talk, I committed to working hard till the last day. The changes that have come into my life because of the gospel are awesome.

We have 5 investigators that are progressing towards baptism. Elder Morris will get to harvest all this great work. I am happy that I could help him and I pray that he will continue to do the work here. The people recognize the change in the area and the branch, which is great! I am not sure why I am so attached to the people here, but I can tell you that the best friendships are made doing spiritual things. Teaching, helping and serving others builds good lasting relationships. One of these relationships is with Elder Morris. He is one of my favorite companions. I love him so much and we have helped each other grow. He has gotten so much better! If you can remember the last time we gave talks in church, he spoke for three minutes and I had to fill the remaining 35 minutes! This time we split the time 50/50. He did so great and he is doing so well with his Spanish. Everyone is so impressed with him...but I knew he could do it! He is going to be the best missionary ever! We are doing our best to pass the baton. There is so much to do this week and all I want to do is work, but no one wants me to. They all just want me to chill and hang out with them. But, I love the work and I will continue. I love my mission. I love it with all my heart! See you all soon!

Peace and blessings and have a magical week!

Elder Phillips

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