August 16, 2010

This week has been labeled the week of prep. We are going great and trying to get our numbers back up. We are working so, so hard and going like crazy. Elder Standage is still getting past the timid stage, so I do most of the talking. It kinda works out because I like to talk.

Monday was rough day with a family that we go visit a lot. They are struggling and we continue to be marriage counselors. We are expected to strengthen relationships and the way we do that is to talk about Jesus Christ. I don't know much about marriage, but I do about my relationship with Jesus Christ and we can apply those things to the families that need help. One thing I have learned is when it gets too complicated is to take it back to the basics and then you will be all right.

We were on our way home that night and a guy stops and is asking all about us and our beliefs. So we teach him a bit as he is rolling a joint. So, I say I will only teach you if you put that down while we are teaching. Then we told him that we believe in no drinking, no drugs and no sex. He was like dang dude, I have done all that today!! So, so funny!

Tuesday we talked to this guy with a Catholic background and he is really really strong in those beliefs. The one thing I really like about being a missionary is that all we do is teach a message and invite people to pray and read. We don't argue or anything, that is not my job and that is why people like us because we are different from other churches that want to argue.

Wednesday we went on exchanges and I was with the new guy Elder Hagard from Australia. We talked a lot about him and I found out that he is really really poor and is having a really hard time with the mission. I feel super bad. He is having trouble with his trainer and everything. But, the spirit was really helping us...this kid knows nothing in Spanish but we taught this great lesson about baptism and the person was really receptive to our message.

Then we had dinner with the Rudencindo family who are from the Domincan Republic and the people there speak lightening fast and it is super hard to understand for people that are learning Spanish. But, I could talk to with them! That means that I am improving and can talk with Jordan Fletcher's dad! That is a victory that I had today!

Thursday, we got up at 3:30 am and drove 100 miles to zone conference!I learned a ton about following the spirit!

Saturday we had a ward activity. We had a BBQ and played soccer! So fun! We really got into it and my team was the champs!!

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