August 30, 2010

WOW! Shout out to the best friend in the whole world, Annie Eichers, who sent the most perfect package! I needed it all!

Monday was just fantastic! Because of the rain, we had a relax day which is weird cause that never happens. I got caught up on my letter writing. I wrote 15 letters! Then the guys came over and we ate our immense amount of food our service gave us.

Tuesday was the double meal day, and I dominated. I have developed some serious eating skills here. You just shut up and eat then all the members will love you!

Wednesday, I went on splits with the District Leader, Elder Castro. He is great and taught me how to teach to the needs better and not to worry about lessons. We had a great day and my buddy Emirico took us out to eat. He has changed and he seems so happy and different. He reads like every day and always goes to church. He is just happy. He has an aura about him. It is amazing. I just learned a ton from Elder Castro and we worked super hard. It was great!

Saturday was sooo busy. We did service at the Roca and my friend Keith gave us a mountain of food again. I love that man and the service and relationships that you can make on the mission.

Sunday was an amazing day. I gave my first real talk in Spanish. I was a jokester just like I always am in my talks. I have a personality in Spanish now. I can speak in Spanish like I do in English with grammar errors. I didn't read my talk; I just talked and it was totally awesome. I love it and I sang too! I just want everyone to know that the gift of tongues is real and that it is awesome cause I have learned this language so fast. It is so awesome what the spirit can teach you. I was assigned to talk about a person in my ward that helped me come out. I wanted to talk about my uncle Jayson, because he helped me the most. But it had to be someone from my ward, so I talked about Todd Wolfenbarger. He didn't do anything big, he just hung out with me and helped me out. I said by little things great things can come to pass which it says in D & C 68:30.

I had a great week!

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  1. I'm glad that he is so happy and doing well! Thanks for keeping the blog updated - I love to read it!