August 23, 2010

It is weird, I am so accustomed to being in this area, I know people when we walk down the street or go to the store. I am kinda sad that all the kids in the ward that are our age left yesterday to go to school. But life is great and just flying by. I love all the people in our ward. It is sure different out here, it is like a family and I just love them. Yesterday, was great, we had a lot of fun at the bishops house. He is super into the mate, a drink from Argentina, and he gave us a ton. He has a little business and he gave us a ton of supplies. My Spanish is getting better. I find myself talking too fast and that is when I make mistakes. Yeah, it is like every thing that I have ever done. I want to do it fast. I want to do it perfect. And I want to do it the best, which has been a good thing and bad thing in my life.

Monday, we went to this families house and had noche de hogar and that was great! I found out that this family are all swimmers and that was so great. I also figured out that the only fear of Elder Castro, one of the elders that I live with, is the water! So that was pretty funny!

Wednesday, we taught my buddy Emerico. He has been inactive for 6 years and he came to church yesterday and it was just great! I was so excited to see him there and he knew all the members and everyone just like embarrassed him. I was so so happy. Like I can't describe how happy. I was helping to change a life. He has changed so much. I am just so happy. I gave him a tie and everything and he was just so happy at church.

Friday, I made cupcakes for the district. Everyone is just loving that I have taken over the mom role of the district! HaHa. I love my district, we only have 2 more meetings together before transfers, which is kinda weird.

Saturday we did our service day and the guy that we work for cooked us a whole bunch of food to take home. Since we got all this food we are having over the missionaries to help us eat it all. Later that day we got together for a BBQ and sports. It was kinda thrown together at the last minute and everyone showed up late with too much food. It was still way fun even though we weren't the champs this week.

Peace and Blessings. Love you All!


Elder Aaron James Phillips

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