August 9, 2010

It's time already for the weekly email...I feel like I just did it. I am just loving it out here!

Monday was great! We had Family Home Evening with this family that we are trying to get to go to the temple. They are really strong members but we are still working with them trying to get them to go to the temple. We got to play soccer and chilled with the Elders that speak Portuguese. I love them...they are fun. One is from Portugal. We are really good buddies. He is really into working out, so it is a match made in heaven!

Tuesday was the slowest day for lessons on the mission. We worked and walked a ton.

Wednesday, all I know is that I am going native! We are having so much fun. I love spicy foods. We made chipotle salsa and home made corn tortillas. Elder Castro (from Mexico) says he is very proud of his white friends! I want to travel all over South America when I finish my mission. I don't want to go to Spain anymore.

Friday was a good day. We found a new inactive member. He is our friend. We teach him English and the gospel and in return he reads the Book of Mormon and goes to church. He is learning English through the gospel. How great! This guy is so fun. His name is Emerica and he just watches out for us, gives us food, wants to hang out and work with us. How great!

Saturday was another service day. We volunteered serving food again. It is great because we get free food. The people are awesome. We always get to teach there. It is a great opportunity. We also had a life lesson that I will never forget. We were eating with members in the night and I was telling them how I feel bad about eating people's food because sometimes it seems like they can't afford it, which is so sad for me. She explained that they love the opportunity to exercise faith and to have the missionaries in their homes...so you got to eat even when you are full. Then she said you don't know poor until you have been out of the U.S. This was a shock because I thought I was in a poor area. No way she said. It is way, way worse. I want to see it someday after my mission.

Peace and Blessings. I am loving life out here!

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