wow what a great first week it has just flown by. i love it so much the typical day for me at the mtc is to get up twenty minutes early. shower with no one there cause i am up so early. do my exercises alone cause there are not many who work out in the morning. then it goes into service one day a week. and devotional on monday. then we always have personal and companion study for a few hours. and you eat every time. i am actually eating alot better and alot less here. my new favorite food is grape nuts with honey. it is amazing. (i am missing jolly time popcorn. kettle or butter) We also learn all day, more about the gospel than anything else. i love it so far though and have learned a ton in spanish. i have 2 companions we are in a trio it is fun one is elder shipley from san antonio and the other from springville elder harder. they are both great and we learn alot from each other they are fun. i have a principle that i am going to share with everyone it is in Alma forty nine i believe about how awesome moroni is, he made his army strong where they were weak and then there enemies didn't know what to do and lost. so that is what we need to do make our weaknesses strong holds and then Satan wont know what to do. my teachers names are hermana wall and hermano penaillio. penailillio went to la cali on his mission and is from Chile Santiago i believe they are both awesome i have learned so much. the branch presidency is way cool too. i have learned a great deal from them as well. they are really wise and really really smart. they all have alot to say. our district is really cool. and don't worry i will send some pics soon. it takes a while to get used to how everything works but i think i have it figured out i will tell you more about my district later. i only get thirty min love you bye love you guys.

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  1. Sounds like things are going really good there and that you are enjoying learning. Have fun with all that you get to do. We love you tons and cant wait to hear more. Love amy,todd,mitch and dylan.