Last night together as a full zone. Guatamalens go down to the MTC there after 3 weeks.
1/3 of the laundry room. It's huge. So many machines. It is crazy.
One of my first friends (Elder Woodward). He was a farmer and the only kid willing to go against me in a push up contest! Ha ha!


sorry to disappoint everyone but there is no tree of life anymore. everyone gets there own shower. i am still loving it here so so much and there are so many fun times. half of our district left which was really hard. i have now taught twice in spanish the first lesson i am learning so fast it is so so so great. it is crazy. i know so much already and i am being spiritually fed it is way good. Elder Richard G Scott came and taught us mainly about the spirit. He said who cares if it is the spirit or not it does not matter if it is good. just do it, be a good boy. that is the key. also my advice for this week is: to be truly happy we must always be changing. never be idle always be doing something to prepare for the next and we will always be happy never be idle, it is not good. always be learning to better yourself. keep sending letters i love to get them. and it is so fun here. some of my best friends left this week from our zone. it is sad but cool to have them go even thought i will probably never see them again. but it is cool anyways. it is great here. the message is the same. the atonement is the key to everything. repent and we will be happy if we follow the example of Jesus Christ. i love everyone. love elder phillips

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