Being Set Apart as a Missionary

The night before Aaron went to the MTC, he was "Set Apart". This basically means that he received a special blessing from our Stake President to have him become a missionary. It was a very spiritual and special night. We sang Called to Serve, prayers were said by Anya and Dad and everyone was able to share a few things with Aaron. Those in attendance were Mom, Dad, Aaron, Ali, Jake, Anya, Scott, Grandma and Grandpa Haskell, President McQuinn, President Goodman, President Bateman, and Bishop Bollinger. Among things shared were bearing testimony, giving advice, and sharing words of encouragement and love for Aaron. It was emotional to say the least. Aaron will be an amazing missionary. He will work hard and then work even more hard. The people of Anaheim will be lucky to have his smiling face around.

Saying goodbye to Jackson

Before getting set apart with Mom and Dad.

Tidbit of Information: After Aaron was set apart, he was officially a missionary and therefore had to abide by mission rules. One of those rules is to never go anywhere without a "companion". Aaron's companions for the night were Mom and Dad... so what did Aaron do? Sleep in their room on the couch for his last night at home. Amazing kid, eh?

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