Want to send an email to Aaron and have the MTC print it and put it in his mailbox for free? There is a great service provided by dearelder.com. Go to www.dearelder.com, register for an account, and click on the link on the left side that says "Provo MTC (Free)". Then use Aaron's full name {Elder Aaron Phillips} his mailbox number {226-1007} and his departure date {10/07}, write your email and push send. Why is this cool? Well, in the MTC there are a limited amount of computers. Missionaries who want to use their email to write home only can do this on Preparation Day (P-Day, which we think is Wednesday) and have to wait in a line for their turn for a computer. This way, you'll know that Aaron will get his letter from dearelder.com the same day in his mailbox!

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