Check out my sweet set up. B-ball and I sleep on the top bunk.
Being a goof ball on my p-day with my companions Elder Shipley and Elder Harder

This is Aaron's email dated 8/19/09:

i am just loving it here. it is totally great. my advice for this week is to really think about the atonement. because it really does everything for us. try and think about it cause that it what our church is all about. i love it so much. i am doing so good. those letters you sent were perfect. and the best way to reach me now is dear elder. keep it up i love getting letters. some funny things that have happened are i yelled temple in my sleep and that same night me and (Elder)ship(ly) kept elder harder up like all night. it was so funny to hear about it after. Next, they think we have what we call harry potter passageways here. it is totally nuts to think about. and i think it is true. because there are like hollow places everywhere it is totally crazy. also someone wrote a fake dear john letter to this kid but he knew about it he showed people and fake cried it was so so so funny. oh my gosh. i also get really hyper when ever we get ice cream which is every wednesday and sunday it is great. oh yeah i forgot to tell everyone about the food i am eating well i usually just eat salad and cereal and fruit which is all good. but when i do eat meals they are pretty good. but there is one large problem that they put fillers in it to make you full. so because of this it makes you fart tons and tons it is terrible. and it is probably cause you are with guys all day. but it seems like alot of farts. and i guess you sit alot to so yeah. and i forgot to tell you. i am going to be here during general conference. and i will sing in preisthood. it is going to be totally sweet. dont worry about me there are very few hard times. and much more great times i am learning quickly and i love everyone. keep being amazing. ahaha i continue to love my companions.

well i love you. i would love to hear from you lots. cant write me enough love elder phillips


  1. I am laughing so hard right now. Best blog post.. miss him so bad!

  2. He just looks so grown up! Missing him!