Missionary Training Center Drop Off

Well, this was it. The day had come. It was time to say goodbye. I wasn't on the ride down to Provo (45 minutes) but I am sure it was a quiet ride... or maybe it wasn't. Aaron drove down... mom in the front... dad in the back. When they arrived at the MTC, they were directed by missionaries where to park. Then missionaries opened their car doors, popped the trunk, and took out Aaron's luggage. A older sister missionary was there to give my mom a card with Aaron's address, a final hug was exchanged, and off he went. Mom says that it almost felt like you were in the Disneyland parking lot being directed and served. It took less than a minute to get the bags out of the car and to say goodbye.

Before Mom and Dad dropped Aaron off, they went to the Provo Temple to walk around. There they were able to talk to other families dropping off their missionaries. It was fun to see where everyone was from and where they were headed on their missions.

Aaron talking to some missionaries already in the MTC. These were the missionaries helping the new missionaries with their bags. I think Aaron fits right in!
A goofy "Aaron" smile with the peace sign... symbolizing the fact that he will see us all in "TWO"!
Dad, Elder Phillips, and Mom at the traditional MTC sign!
Aaron sure looks happy, don't you think?


  1. My son is the African American elder heldping your son with his bags. Thanks for posting that photograph!